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Tree Removal Services Performed in Sydney

Tree removal

If you need dead, diseased or unwanted trees removed, contact the experts at North Shore Tree Services. We have the experience and equipment to safely handle any job, big or small. 
A large tree removal process
man mulching tree

Onsite mulching and chipping

Your trees aren’t worthless once they are removed. We provide mulch that protects soil and prevents moisture and weeds. We also supply FREE mulch from other projects—just let us know what you need.

Stump grinding

Tree stumps are ugly, attract pests and can even be a safety hazard. Get rid of the eyesore, and put the finishing touches on your yard. Call North Shore Tree Services—no stump is too big for us!
tree stump

Providing expert tree services for over 20 years

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Tree pruning

Trimming and pruning are necessary for trees to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. Proper pruning from an arborist means less maintenance and a lower chance of safety hazards for you in the future. 
tree removal by apartment buildings
working on a palm tree

Problem palms

Palm trees can develop problems with their appearance and stability. If you are worried about your palm, call us to inspect them. If they fall, they could easily cause damage or injury.

FREE firewood

After finishing a job, we often have a large amount of wood available. We will take your name and details if you're interested in wood to work with or burn and drop it off when we are in the area, free of charge. Conditions apply.
felled tree cut into sections
workers placing removed trunk on truck


Our experienced arborists are happy to provide advice and information. We will identify sick, damaged and hazardous trees. When you have questions, bring them to the experts!
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